Contributing to non-violent
activism and demonstration

At some point in your non-violent and peaceful resistance to the outrageous inequality found in all of our World's diverse cultures you may find yourself by plan, chance, destiny, or fate involved in an instance of resistance activism that produces a public demonstration. The purpose of the demonstration in modern politics-aware society is to convey a message to other members of the public. The main idea is to help you and your friends express yourselves, get home safe and actually produce change that matters to us all.

Occupy Santa Rosa GA
... as a collection of autonomous individuals there are no leaders that dictate the methods of Resistance. In Solidarity, we desire a change that, this once, is in the better interests of all of the people of this World ...

This modality of petition may deal with individual or group resistance to either specific or general corruption. Experienced or not, each expression will be different. It will help yourself and friends survive the hostile forces protecting the predators and oppressors from the message and remedy if you can use a few possibly useful guidelines.

The People, United, Shall Never Be Defeated. As we Occupy corrupt self-serving persons, organizations, and networks we must always be guided by the great practitioners of non-violence, resistance, courage, and integrity in the Universe as we see it now. Ghandi, Schweitzer, Mother Teresa, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dorothy Day, and others achieved the highest ethical level through the non-violent approach of unarmed truth to achieve positive change. In particular, Ghandi and MLK proved that mass civil disobedience works.

Occupy Peace0: 1 and 2 apply to all peaceful resistance in all private and public media and your personal styles of demonstration and civil disobedience. Resistance memes are not, at this juncture, knowledge elements that the controlling 0.01% of the 1% embedded military, industrial, political, financial, security, religious, and education complex, or their media and their protectors, can appreciate. Focus on the perpetrators and the target abuse, along with its remedy.

1: Stay cool. Keep spurious message events to a minimum. The main message is the information. Another important message is reminding the world that we are united and that together, we will not fail.

"The Occupy movement is an international protest movement against social and economic inequality, its primary goal being to make the economic structure and power relations in society more fair."

"... follow in order to assure
epic win and no loss of hit points
on your part."
... we do not forgive censorship,
we do not forget predators,
united as one ...

2: Occupy cool. Especially when harassed. You are an ambassador of our 99%. Although individuals trying to disrupt our demonstration may get on your nerves, you must not lose your composure. Your composure is based on your confidence which is based on the actuality that you are correct in your facts, corruption, and remedy. Anger? It is time for consistent dedication since anger may harm the resistance and tarnish Occupy reputations for truth and equality.

Occupy Creation of Care

3: Get in the Way. Unless planned in advance, comply with the orders of law enforcement officers above all else. Doing otherwise is more likely to be harmful to the demonstration as a peaceful resistance and may compromise your performance as a human being meaningfully interacting with other human beings. Officials of the state are probably supposed to wear visible ID. You are not so required. You need not request official identification unless you are being treated improperly, as doing so may anger hostile officials.

OCCUPY SANTA ROSA: STATEMENT OF SOLIDARITY TO THE PEOPLE OF ANAHEIM, CA Occupy Santa Rosa stands in solidarity with the people of Anaheim, California. We are outraged and condemn the Anaheim Police Department's cold-blooded murders and vicious armed assaults against the people. We support the people of Anaheim with our whole hearts as you bravely rise up to stop these injustices. We rise with you!

4: Let people come in. Notify city officials. Most jurisdictions either have rules about public protests, or would prefer to be notified that they are taking place. Know the rules for your jurisdiction and abide by them.

5: Always be across the street from the object being protested. Unless you wish to bring non-violent resistance actions directly to the subject of protest and are prepared to be detained and possibly punished.

6: Trust the people. In the absence of a road, find another natural barrier between yourself and the target of protest. The objective is making it more difficult for individuals and groups hostile to your resistance to harass you.

Occupy Santa Rosa

7: Stay on public property. You may be charged for trespassing if you do not.

8: No violence. It may be necessary or desirable to protect and aid a resistance ally. However if you become unnecessarily uncool aggressive toward the hostile forces it may raise the level of confrontation to the point where the subject message and remedy is lost in the noise.

Occupy Anonymous

9: No weapons. The resistance is a cascade of peaceful events. Your weapons–You will not need them. Truth and appropriate remedies for resisting and eliminating the abuse are all that is required.

10: No intoxicants that could add negative messaging to the demonstration. This activity may easily precipitate offense of civil guidelines of 1 and 2, making it more likely that the message is lost.

11: No graffiti, destruction, or vandalism. We wish to leave a trail of peace, harmony, equality, opportunity, and enlightenment. Trash and destruction is just another view of the illegal, immoral, and unnecessary actions being protested.

Way of Occupy Resistance:
Honor, Integrity, Courage,
Experience, Knowledge, Wisdom,
Self-Control, Responsibility.

12: If you want to do something stupid or ignorant, pick another time and place then get informed. Stay on your Occupy message for lasting effect.

13: We are the 99%. We are part of and we represent humanity. During an Occupy action you need never be alone. Isolation during a protest marks you as a target for organized or free-lance handlers, especially agents of corrupt and conspiring political and business officials along with other hostiles, who wish to provoke an angry reaction from you.

dont worry we are from the internet14: Organize in groups of 10 to 15 people. Provide areas of passage within the main group. This style of formation simply allows propagation of internal resistance messaging. Recall that regardless of the size of the group, you are responsible for your own actions.

15: Make some Noise. One plus spare megaphones per group. A megaphone may be effective when aimed at distant targets and may be helpful for maintaining the overall cohesion of a demonstration and spreading your message. However, too many will confuse the public and may render you hearing impaired.

16: Understand the dress code. Forming a loose yet reasonable dress code for active resistance members will help to maintain cohesion and get those members of the 99% not directly involved in resistance to take you and messaging seriously.

All we are saying
is give peace a chance.
– John Lennon

17: Unless you are willing to expose yourself to observers and automated recognition equipment, cover your face and hands. This will prevent your identification from videos taken by hostiles, other protesters, or security. Use scarves, hats, sunglasses. Masks are not necessary, and donning a mask in the context of a public demonstration is forbidden in some jurisdictions.

Occupy Food 18: Bring water and food. A dehydrated, thirsty, hungry activist is a prime target for hostile intentions. Occupy is not a movement of scarcity but of sharing.

19: Wear good shoes. This will assure your comfort during the demonstration. Keep in mind that demonstrations may often be quite lengthy and cover much ground.

Occupy Anonymous 20: Signs, fliers, and phrases. Have yours ready. Make sure that signs are large enough to read. Also ensure that the text on your signs and your phrases are pertinent to the target of the protest. Lack of active support from observers may be less due to cognitive dissonance than lack of actual trusted knowledge of the true and proven failure of the people's public trust. If they can see, maybe they will think about how this demonstration adds to their own observations and understand.

'... And the men who spurred us on, Sit in judgement of our wrong, They decide and the shotgun sings the song.'  –The Who

21: Prepare legible, uncomplicated and accurate flyers. Hand out to those who wish to know more regarding the facts and motivations behind your actions.

22: Document the demonstration. Videos and pictures and live reporting of the event will help in making positive points concerning the event and its message.Occupy Something If disruption occurs, recordings may be used to corroborate your side of the story if law enforcement becomes involved. Furthermore, posting images and videos of your motivated actions using web and print is bound to generate wind and smoothed noise, providing examples for others and yourself by your dedicated actions.

"For the fourth estate, the first job is to make information available to the people. Second is for the people to think about it."
–Julian Assange, 2012

Ignoring these guidelines advising peace and pertinent messaging during a demonstration may tarnish our valuable reputation for honest and meaningful resistance, harm the demonstration objective, and leave you vulnerable to attention from public and private law enforcement and from desperate hostiles. The actions and words of involved individuals is key to our success in bringing Occupy messages to the ears and eyes of the 99%–and to the 1%–in ways that matter and result in improvement. So, we all depend on everyone bringing the truth forward in their own way.

The Corrupt Fear Us.
The Honest Support Us.
The Heroic Join Us.

It is important to recognize the legion of people united with you. True, there is no forgetting or forgiving some of the injustices forced upon the 99% by tightly insulated hereditary monopolies and greedy wannabees that are the most 'elite' 1% of the 1%.

The oppressive elements of the 1% and their minions will least expect that we will actually show them exactly how they should peacefully sharingly submit.

"Expect Us."–anon 

"The 1% Should Have Expected Us."–anon 

"We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We Can & Should Forgive,
Yet we shall Never Forget,
To those who wish to see peace fail in 2014 - Expect us!"

"... 227 families own 47% of the world's wealth ..."
 –World Bank 2011

We the People, Not We the Corporations

"It is we the people that comprise the nation.
Corporations are our creation."

"Money is property, not political speech or representation."

Political $$ from Corporations and wealthy rich individuals must be transparent and limited.

Occupy TeaParty

"The People's work is never done."
 –Schwarzenegger @USCSIS&GP

An origin for this article is shown in current link to the video below. I copied the basic text and expounded and embellished from that.

"The following video is intended as guide for anonymous preparing to engage in their first real-life public demonstration. It will also provide a refresher for those of you who have experience with this modality of petition. The purpose of the demonstration in modern western society is to convey a message to the public. In keeping with this objective, anonymous has drafted 22 rules that anonymous can follow in order to assure epic win and no loss of hit points on your part."

The following link is current hosted video.

This target is start of an anon playlist:

Don't really know the origins specifically, but reminded of some 60-70's advice updated to what I learned the last few years. Please comment with your learnings.

Resistance–Occupy Something–Resistance
Joe D