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JoeX3D Examples

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. Web3dLogo-X3d-animated-logo2.x3d
Animated Web3D and X3D logo features .x3d
Combined X3D and Web3D logo objects. Please feel free to use this as the 'official' Web3D with X3D Logo. Really, are there any better examples around?

. JoeH-AnimKick0f.x3dv
H-Anim Kick .x3dv
Uses flame3.png. Texture should remain bound to same points on skin as figure moves.
BS Contact and old Flux autogenerate and use default IFS texcoord; Instant Player requires defined texcoords.

. kaleidoscope24.x3d
Inside a sphere: kaleidoscope .x3d
Several viewpoints. Uses animated texture on a triangle.

. LaughingSkeleton.x3dv
X3D H-Anim: LaughingSkeleton .x3dv
Heavily chisled default normal parts of skeleton shown laughing. Touch box to start/stop animation (about 1MB).
Head rotation problem: Correct in BSContact, Octaga Player; wrong in Instant Player (head yaws instead of pitches).

. AJAX3Dlogo2.x3d
From AjaX3D Demo .x3d
Example touchsensor device for AjaX3D example. Touch characters to produce animations. (used in original example to send events to host html dom.)

. X3DSkeletonRunning/MainJoeSkin4BonesRun3EXC.x3dv
Skeleton Running, with skin .x3dv
Touch skeleton to start/stop animation. This one shows a very complete H-Anim figure with skeleton parts as Segments and skin attached to joints just exactly as specified in the standard. The Run cycle is mostly taken and modified from Dutton and Nancy animation examples. The skin is in the 'standard' posture. The skeleton parts are in 'relaxed' or normal standing posture.
Operates same in BS Contact and Instant Player; Octaga doesn't animate deformable skin now.

Comment: BSContact free-standing works best overall (all examples work correctly) that I can figure. On most new HTML browsers like Ff, Saf, GC, and Op, the initial file may be sandboxxed so the textures or items in subdirectories may not load.